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SIRUI 18-WA-CPL Polarizing Filter for the 18-WA Wide-angle Lens for Smartphones

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SIRUI 18-WA-CPL polarizer for the 18-WA Wide-angle lens for smartphones

Smartphone Photography on a new level

Want to take the best quality photos with your smartphone? Then you definitely need the auxiliary lens of SIRUI.

The 18-WA-CPL polarizing filter is a useful addition to the 18-WA Wide-angle lens. Especially for landscape photos to become more dramatic and detailed.

What is the SIRUI 18-WA-CPL?

A circular polarizing filter for the SIRUI 18-WA Wide-angle lens.

What can the SIRUI 18-WA-CPL do?

The polarizing filter gives photos unbeatable and powerful colors, especially in landscape photos. The sky gets a dramatic blue, the green plant becomes bright and detailed. Another great feature of the polarizing filter is that it reduces or blocks reflections from non-metallic surfaces such as glass or water.For example, the view through the shop's window or the lakes is much clear with completely new visions.

How to use the SIRUI 18-WA-CPL?

Place the filter on the SIRUI 18-WA Wide-angle lens. After the subject has been chosen, then simply turn the filter until the desired effect occurs. Only a few simple steps, the landscape photos turn to a whole new level.

What dost it need to use with?

- SIRUI 18-WA Wide-angle lens

Technical data
- Schott-glass manufactured in Germany

- Nano multi-coated against reflections and for high light transmission

- Neutral color rendering - reduces UV radiation

- Front diameter: 43mm

- height: 9mm

- Weight: 10g

- Material filter ring: resistant aircraft aluminum


SIRUI 18-WA Wide Auxiliary lens (available separately)

Delivery Package

1x SIRUI 18-WA-CPL polarizing filter

* SIRUI Auxiliary lenses not included

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