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SIRUI 18-WA Smartphone Wide-angle Lens 18mm with Clip for Smartphones

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Wide angle lens with universal smartphone clip

Want to take the best quality photos with your smartphone? Then you definitely need the auxiliary lens of SIRUI.

SIRUI auxiliary lenses make smartphone photography to a whole new level and surpass the demands of today's smartphone photographers across the line. Instead of using all-in-one lenses, professionals use fixed focal length lenses for better photos.

SIRUI has the right lens with the right focal length for every situation. Of course, the SIRUI conversion lenses also suitable for video use. Smartphone photography means: high-quality photos taken by smartphones.

SIRUI use the best and most precise materials for lenses attachments. They are composed with several glass lenses which manufactured by German Schott glass, equipped with multiple coating and anti-reflection coating. This minimizes the reflections and increases light transmission. The lenses guarantee an accurate color reproduction, offer minimum distortion and vignetting, ensure the best picture performance to the picture edge.

What is the SIRUI 18-WA?

An 18mm wide-angle lens for smartphones. It would be a breeze to have some amazing wide-angle shots with professional.

What can the SIRUI 18-WA do?

With 95 ° view angle, it captures more than the smartphone lens and gets 50% (0.5x) more of the subject.

Be more creative by using the wide-angle lens, the 18-WA-CPL circular polarising filter is also available.

The polarizing filter gives photos unbeatable and powerful colors, especially in landscape photos. The sky gets a dramatic blue, the green plant becomes bright and detailed. Another great feature of the polarizing filter is that it reduces or blocks reflections from non-metallic surfaces such as glass or water.

How to use the SIRUI 18-WA?

Screw the lens on the universal mobile clip and then clamp it on the smartphone. It has a soft rubber coating inner the clamp so that a) the smartphone will not get scratched and b) it will not slip on the phone.

Another advantage of the clip is that it can be used on tablets and even laptops.


- Front diameter: 38mm

- Height: 24.6mm

- Weight: 44g

- View angle: 95 °

- Focal length: 18mm (equivalent to full-frame)

- Mount: SIRUI E-bayonet (metal)

- Construction: 6 lenses in 6 groups

- Optical distortion: <2%

- Resolution: 500Lp / mm

- Working temperature: -20 ° C to + 50 ° C

- Lenses material: multi-coating Schott-glass which manufactured in Germany

- Main material: resistant aircraft aluminum


SIRUI 18-WA-CPL Polarizing filter

SIRUI Smartphone Clip

Delivery Package

1x SIRUI 18-WA Auxiliary lens

1x SIRUI Universal Mobile clip

1x Front cover

* iPhone not included

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